Understanding OHSAS 18001 – 2007 – Second Part

Inside my last article, I’d listed principal changes which have take place in OHSAS18001:2007 standard. A couple of of those changes were discussed there. Handful of in the important changes which has happen inside the standard could be the way OHS management system addresses Accident versus. Incident, Hazards and control of change. The OHS management system now stipulates conditions and factors affecting, or may affect, the well-being of employees, temporary workers, contractor personnel, visitors and then for any one else rather of labor. The management system no more only discusses the factors and kinds of problems that are affecting it requires “may affect factor” straight into consideration. Similarly the accident word can get substituted with Incident. Incident carries from it broad perspective encompassing both accident and “near misses”. The “near misses” really signify the chance. The occurrences, being considered “near misses”, potentially have of getting straight into real accidents. The ambit of OHSMS remains widened to cover all occurrences. Research in 1969 by Frank E. Junior.has declared 600 near misses precede each serious accident. Another change is “Acceptable risk” replacing “Tolerable risk”. Risk management process involves five fundamental stages:

Hazard identification methodology.

Hazard identification.

Risk assessment – resolution of risk.

Risk control.

Update and review.

The right path using these five stages makes sure that acceptance amount of risks is decided and sufficient steps are arrived at control the hazards. Control of change which was not elaborated in earlier version finds its devote the completely new version. Any change whether in process, materials, workplace organization etc is predicted to get adopted by the whole process of identification of OH&S hazards and OH&S risks. Take a look at compliance can be a new clause put in ensure organizations’ compliance to legal needs. Records in the solutions are necessary to become maintained for periodic evaluations. Participation and consultation by workers in hazard identification, risk assessments and determinations of controls continues to be produced a completely new clause. Consultations with contractors will also be made thing about this method. In conclusion, the completely new OHSAS 18001:2007 has strong focus on alignment with ISO 9001:2005 & ISO 14001:2004. Organizations who’ve either adopted Integrated Management system or mulling transitioning, will uncover this 2007 standard quite beneficial. Another notable point is widening of scope, workplace & participation of workers and contractors in formulation of management system.

Author: Calvin Brycen

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