Universities Partnerships May Benefit Your Tuition Assistance Program

Bigger corporations provide Tuition Assistance Programs for their employees and lots of mid-sized and smaller sized companies also have added this benefit. The plethora of assistance runs from the couple of $ 100 annually to many 1000. A couple of companies compensate employees for a whole degree (with books and expenses) and don’t possess a maximum cap around the cost. These forward-thinking companies view their Tuition Assistance Program, less only a benefit, but because a proper investment.

Your Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) might have been produced with several purposes in your mind:

o Corporate Benefit. Corporate Benefit is the main reason behind companies to provide reimbursement for school classes and levels. Companies recognize the necessity to add skills, understanding and education to develop employees.

o Recruitment and Retention Tool. Companies offer reimbursement in an effort to recruit new employees and support the ones they’ve.

o Career Development. TAP may participate the job development plans for workers and could include training, classes or college levels.

o Outplacement. A couple of companies use their TAP program to assist employees proceed to new careers outdoors the organization.

College Partnerships are usually created between companies and colleges. The universities might be vocational schools or condition schools or private universities and also the partnership might be having a specific department for example Information Technology, Business, Engineering or Healthcare. Or, their bond might be between your ongoing education division or even the school and the organization.

How can your TAP take advantage of college partnerships?

o Schools may discount 10% from the tuition cost if the organization enables the college to market their bond.

o Universities offer internships at the organization and are a way to recruit employees with specialized skills and education.

o Universities allow corporations to recruit on campus.

o Universities offer Executive Education and Professional Development certificates and classes to assist with career development and retention.

o Universities setup customized degree plans or certificate programs for departmental needs. These programs might be on-site at the organization for convenience.

o Universities provide outplacement programs or develop certificate programs for individuals departing the organization.

Companies use TAP for a lot of reasons-benefit, recruit and retain employees, career development, outplacement or perhaps a combination. Regardless of why your TAP exists, partnerships with universities may benefit the employees seeking education.

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Author: Calvin Brycen

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